Sandwell I.M.P.S. trainers by the entrance to Sandwell hospital

Sandwell I.M.P.S. opened in 2000

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Local coordinators:
Jane Rashid

I.M.P.S. programme

Sadly due to lack of funding the I.M.P.S. programme in Sandwell cannot book any further school visits after the summer term 2017.

All booked school visits until the end of the summer term are confirmed and will take place as arranged.  

Jane can be contacted by email for any further information.

Thank you to all the schools who have supported Sandwell I.M.P.S. over the last 17 years.


Teachers comments

It has really helped children understand how to stay safe, make good, sensible choices and perform vital lifesaving skills

Children engaged and interested in topics.  Always look forward to I.M.P.S. attending our school.

A lot of our children became responsible for looking after siblings so this is a great way of introducing procedures which they may need.

Makes pupils aware and ready for the new life in Year 7.  This visit is a really valuable experience for them.

Thank you for a great morning! The children have come away with vital skills from fantastic interactive situations.

The children are now more aware and pro active about what they can do to help a person who needs first aid and how they can contribute with confidence. The children have had a fantastic visit and really enjoyed and remembered the learning about first aid. The organisation and enthusiasm of the education leaders was fantastic and the morning has been really worthwhile.

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