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Questions from Stonesfield School

We have received some fantastic letters from pupils at Stonesfield school and all of them asked us  a question.

Here are the answers.

Q. Why did you start I.M.P.S?

I.M.P.S. began way back in 1995 because the government of the day wanted to reduce the number of accidents in children under the age of 15 by the year 2000. We thought working with schools and teaching children how to take safer risks would be a good way to start. We then decided to teach them emergency life skills so they know what to do if an accident happens.

Q. What inspired you to join I.M.P.S?

Everyone at I.M.P.S. believes passionately about teaching children how to keep safe and preventing injuries. We were all inspired to join I.M.P.S. by a desire to do something worthwhile and make a difference to the lives of thousands of children.

Q. What is the favourite part of your job?

We all love working with Oxfordshire school children and teaching them skills that they will keep for life. 

Q. What do you have to do to be an I.M.P.S. trainer?

You need to love working with children and teaching them skills. You have to have a very good sense of humour and be good at fundraising. 

Q. How long has I.M.P.S. been going?

I.M.P.S. started in 1995 so we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.

Q. Do you chose to do I.M.P.S. and if so why?

We all chose to work with I.M.P.S. because we all want to do a job we can be proud of.