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25,000 children over 14 years! Hull I.M.P.S. achievement.

A programme teaching schoolchildren in Hull about emergency first aid will  train its 25 thousandth child today.

The Injury Minimization Programme for Schools has been running for Year Six pupils in the city since 2001.

Today, it was children from Gillshill Primary learning about how to put someone in the recovery position, perform CPR and how the various treatments at Accident and Emergency work.

Carolyn Rabaud from the City Healthcare Partnership says that teaching youngsters about emergency medical care will not only help keep them safe, but also reduce the strain on A & E:

“We teach children basic life support, we raise awareness of accidents, and they come to Hull Royal Infirmary to familiarise them with the surroundings.”

“It’s to raise awareness, and try and reduce accidents. This is an age range where accidents are quite high.”

“We’ve had children who’ve put their mum in a recovery position, following things like an epileptic fit, or if somebody’s had a heart attack, they know what to do.”

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