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6 tips for protecting your children from COVID-19

We think it is important that you access some information put together by the COVID Symptom Study about keeping children safe as they return to school and nursery.

We have distilled the information into a handy leaflet and we ask you to pass this on to parents and other teachers in the school.
You can download a copy of the leaflet here. 6 Tips For Protecting Your Children From COVID 19. (pdf; 860.2 KB)

The COVID Symptom Study is a research study that is being run by Professor Tim Spector of Kings College London.

You and your family can take part in the research by downloading the app and taking just one minute a day to report on how you are feeling.

The aims of the study are:
to better understand symptoms of COVID-19
to understand how fast the virus is spreading in your area
to identify high risk areas in the country
to identify who is most at risk by better understanding symptoms linked to health conditions

In the future they hope they will be able to use this data to help the NHS support sick individuals. This app is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. For official advice about the coronavirus please visit the NHS website



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