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Sashka saves brother from choking

Hull I.M.P.S recently took part in the annual Rock Challenge Event – market stall networking, BLS refresher for the pupils and a chance for to follow-up on pupils I.M.P.S training

Sashka – a year 6 pupil from Francis Askew Primary in Hull had completed her I.M.P.S. training a few weeks before the event held in April.  She went on to tell us how she had helped her brother when he started to choke.

In Sashka’s own words – “My brother started choking, I used back slaps and the food came out!” She said her I.M.P.S training has made a difference as she has been able to help family members.

Helen & Yvonne I.M.P.S. trainers visited the school and during assembly presented her with a special skills certificate. Sashka was very pleased and excited that we went to see her to make the presentation. Well done Sashka!