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Smiffy’s Ride London Day 2015

My Ride London day started at 03.45 by loading up my bike onto my sisters car, and setting off towards the Capital. I was to be dropped off, some 5 miles away from the start, at a pre-determined location. I had no idea where I was, and simply followed the hundreds of other riders, who appeared to know where they were going.

My given start time was 06.36, and the instructions were “Don’t be late for the start time allocated to you” When I arrived at the Olympic park, I had never seen so many cyclists in one place, and immediately thought that the start was going to be a right shambles….

We were all put into, what can only be described as cattle pens, and were told to wait until called forward. Once again, I thought that this was total chaos, as there were riders in my pen, wearing the wrong colours, and the wrong letter groups, so I expected the worst……

Download the rest of David’s adventure below.