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Protecting schools from Covid 19

To provide reassurance to parents at this crucial time, track the spread of the virus and better understand how COVID-19 affects children, the Covid Symptom Study has  launched a new School Community feature through the COVID Symptom Study App

This allows parents and carers to log how their child/children are feeling to a secure school community network, so schools can receive daily insights into the health of their students and make data-driven decisions to keep pupils and staff safe.

Please consider registering your school for The COVID Symptom Study for School Communities 

The benefits of this programme are:
To the schools
Schools receive daily COVID insights for their students that enable more informed and rapid decision-making to help keep them safe
To children
The community provides an added layer of protection for children against COVID through mutual sharing of information, allowing them to complete their education safely
To parents
Parents feel more reassured that they and their school are making informed choices about their children’s education based on the insights provided by the app
To the public
The data will enable critical national scientific research into the impact of COVID on children and younger people

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