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Archive topical lessons

June 2021. Water safety

May 2021. Play safe.

April 2021. Launching our online resources.

March 2021. Have a healthy heart.

February 2021. Screen Time.

January 2021. Avoiding slips and falls in the winter. 

December 2020. Safe Toys.

November 2020. Firework and bonfire safety

October 2020. Be bright be seen. 

July 2020. Taking personal responsibility.

June 2020. 6 tips to protect your children from COVID-19

May 2020. What can a first aider do?

April 2020. FirstPoint information for children at home.

March 2020. Visit the emergency department with I.M.P.S. 

February 2020. How to deal with seizures caused by gaming.

January 2020. I.M.P.S. needs you! 

December 2019. Be Bright Be Seen.

November 2019. Road Safety Week. 

October 2019. What3words.

July 2019. Water safety. 

June 2019. Keep safe in the sun.

April and May 2019. Look at the risks around you. 

March 2019. Healthy Hearts

February 2019. DeFibruary 

January 2019. Design an advice centre

December 2018. Sports injuries

November 2018. Road Safety Week

October 2018. Be bright be seen

September 2018. Using resources

July 2018. Water safety. 

June 2018. Keep safe in the sun. 

April and May 2018. Design an advice centre.

March 2018. Risk Assessment

 February 2018. Poisons

January 2018. Peer Pressure

December 2017. Candle Safety.

November 2017. Road Safety Week.

October 2017. Be Bright Be Seen

September 2017. Using resources.

July 2017. Stay safe in the sun.

June 2017. Water safety.

May 2017. Seizures, gaming, eyes and screens.

March 2017. Smoke free generation. No smoking day. 

February 2017.  Make February, Recovuary

January 2017. March of the Smombies.

December 2016. Candle safety.

November 2016. Be bright be seen.

October 2016. Danger of e cigarettes.