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I.M.P.S. Plus

I.M.P.S PlusThis programme consists of six practical lessons covering the following subjects:

  • Taking risks
  • The unconscious patient
  • Bleeding
  • Poisons
  • Burns

I.M.P.S. Plus includes lesson plans and worksheets in addition to comprehensive background information for each lesson. It can be used as an extension to the I.M.P.S. programme but may also be used as a stand alone course.

Because of its very practical nature and the use of hands on activities it is an ideal programme for those children who are outside of mainstream education and may therefore be high risk takers. It could also be used by youth, after school or any community groups.

I.M.P.S. Plus has been designed to be delivered by teachers, school nurses, youth leaders or I.M.P.S. trainers using the teacher resource sheets as background information.

Taking part in I.M.P.S. Plus

Want us to run the I.M.P.S. Plus programme for you? Please contact your nearest centre for further information.