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Hull I.M.P.S. was launched in 2001

Approximately 60 schools participate in the programme each year. Sessions run from the new children’s emergency department at the Hull Royal Infirmary or within the school setting.

During 2016 Hull reached their 15 year milestone. Read all about it here.

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Hull I.M.P.S regularly take part in multi agency events, including the Annual Kid Alert Event & Child Safety Week Events. Since its launch, the I.M.P.S. team have trained nearly 35,000 children in the Hull area.

We see thousands of children each year at Hull’s Accident and Emergency department, many with preventable injuries. Accidents remain the biggest threat to children’s lives, particularly at this age group.

The I.M.P.S programme in Hull is extremely well received by both schools and pupils and gets across a valuable life lesson to children in an educational and fun way!

I.M.P.S. has been used as a catalyst to provide a co-ordinated approach to injury prevention strategies in this area, providing health promotion to all age groups and has been at the heart of our efforts to reduce the number of children attending A&E.

– Dr Jeremy Osman, Much, MRCP Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

I.M.P.S. programme

The I.M.P.S. programme is free to all primary schools in Hull, though the school must pay for any transport costs.

The team work regularly with special needs schools from year 7 and above.

Schools in the East Riding can access the service but will need to fund the visit and transport. Contact us for further details


Funding and donations

If you are interested in making a donation to the project, please contact us (details at top of page).

Health & Wellbeing Services, 0-19 Public Health Nursing

Teacher’s comments

Could you pass on my congratulations to your manager for the very professional work your team carries out in our school every year.

As usual, we were delighted with the super relationships your team gained straight way with the pupils and the very important key messages that they learnt in an enjoyable way, about caring for others in a crisis situation.

Last year one of our Yr 6 pupils used his I.M.P.S. training in a  very positive way when his older sister experienced a seizure in the shower and fainted. Straight away he calmly ensured she was in the recovery position and rang for an ambulance! The hospital staff and his family were delighted by his quick, sensible actions. Only for his school I.M.P.S .training, he would not have known what to do!

I just feel that all those wonderful people who do the IMPS primary school training need to know that their teaching/ learning does have a fruitful and indeed a positive impact. Please carry on with the excellent work.

– Patricia Graham, Headteacher

I.M.P.S provide a fantastic, interactive experience for our children. The practical skills that they gain are invaluable and will stay with the children for many years to come. Our children for many years, have looked forward to their trip to the hospital and we are sure that we will be working with I.M.P.S for many years to come.

Mrs Donnelly Year 6 Teacher, Maybury Primary