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Comments about Hull

I.M.P.S Story

Charlotte Maguiness

I gained a wealth of experience during my time observing the I.M.P.S. team. It was great to see pupils getting involved and having fun. However, as well as having fun, I felt that pupils understood the seriousness and underlying message of these sessions – to minimise injuries and save lives. The team made sure everyone was engaged and asked lots of questions along the way to gauge pupils understanding, the sessions were also split well – allowing pupils to remain focused, and they were pitched at the right level so pupils could all understand.

The team were extremely supportive and allowed me to get involved – potting fingers, using stethoscopes and assisting with CPR/recovery position. I really enjoyed this as it gave me chance to interact with the pupils. As I spent 4 sessions with the team, I started to become familiar, allowing me to help them out wherever possible.

I am going to become a teacher myself and one point I noticed was the lack of teacher interaction. I am sure this is not the case at every school, but I am eager to make sure that if any visitors come in to run a session, I engage in the session too, as I think this will also benefit the pupils.

Overall, the sessions were extremely informative. I will always remember to put my tooth straight back in should it fall out- actually I will probably remember the pupils faces when this is mentioned in the sessions more!

Thank you so much to the whole team for organising my visit and welcoming me to the team. I will remember this experience long into my teaching career.


Charlotte Maguiness – trainee teacher