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Kid Alert Event

Kid Alert is an annual multi-agency safety event held in June. Now in its 21st year, Hull I.M.P.S have taken part since the project was first launched, colleagues from Network Rail, Trading Standards, Fire Service, Environmental Health, Road Safety and RNLI all delivery a ten minute safety scenario.

Children taking part in the I.M.P.S scenario learn how to put someone into the recovery position and how doing this saves lives. They learn how to check for dangers, check if a person needs help and how to call for help.

Staff ‘act out’ a scene set in a park, the children then pair up & practice putting each other into the recovery position.

The children are asked to practice the recovery position on a willing volunteer at home as this may one day save someone’s life!

Kid Alert is a great opportunity to reinforce what pupils have learned during their I.M.P.S sessions or helps prepare them for their booked session

Here is what the teachers have to say about the I.M.P.S. scenario.

Good visual demonstration, with lots of questions to make it interactive.  A vital skill that they had chance to practice!

This group have recently taken part in I.M.P.S and it was good for them to have a recap.  It showed them how much they had learnt and retained

Good scenario & great team work.  Engaged children throughout, children enjoyed activity.  Detailed explanations and good props

The event is co ordinated by First Step Sports Group