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Rock Challenge

I.M.P.S Story

Rock Challenge

Rock Challenge UK is a series of performing arts events which promotes healthy life choices.

A school/college team (made up of from 20 – 100 performers, 20 stage crew and 14 support crew) decides on a theme, reflecting the personalities, concerns, hopes, dreams and interests of those who create it.  They then create the choreography for their five to eight minute dance-drama performance, select and record the medley of music for their soundtrack and design and make their sets and costumes.  It’s like being at a pop concert!

The challenge is also to the the best that they can without the use of nicotine, alcohol or other drugs and there are severe penalties for anyone who fails that challenge.

Hull I.M.P.S. were invited to the Rock Challenge event 2014 as part of the NHS marketplace that was held during the 2 day rehearsals at Hull Ice Arena.  This is the first time this has been organised so nobody really knew what to expect.  It was actually non stop from 11.00 – 15.30.

Each school had an opportunity during a 30 minute time slot throughout the day to view the stalls and take part in Health Activities whilst others rehearsed their performances.  Most of the senior school children had received I.M.P.S. training during their primary school years so we saw this as an excellent opportunity to find out what the pupils could remember about the programme and give them the chance to refresh their CPR skills.  Mrs Green (our manikin) and resus Annie were very popular, some of the older students were happy to have a practice on the manikins whilst others discussed their experiences of helping others, using skills they were taught during I.M.P.S.  We were able to collect some written follow-up from the students – the majority of which remember or have done the recovery position since.  Students also said they felt more confident about helping others.

During the primary school event the I.M.P.S. stall was very very busy!  The children were queuing at our stall – they all wanted to have a go at CPR and get a  freebie pen or keyring.  Again this was a chance to recap and refresh their skills or give them a sneak preview of what’s to come when they have their I.M.P.S. visit.

The NHS commissioning support unit said “I.M.P.S. have added real value to both events”

We were able to re-engage with two schools for the 2014/2015 programme and Longhill Primary school said “The standard of the training was excellent.  The staff were completely professional and child friendly.  The children’s attention was kept all of the time.  Thank you”
hull manikin        hull raising the profile