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From party piece to saving a life….

One of our Oxfordshire I.M.P.S. trainers contacted us recently to tell us about her son-in-law.
Here is what she said….

“I’ve just had a message from my daughter that her husband was able to use the recovery position on someone who had an epileptic seizure in a shop yesterday and subsequently posted his thanks for the life saving actions on Facebook. He obviously thought it was an off duty nurse because of the efficiency of his actions .
The I.M.P.S. connection is that last Easter we had a family get together and my ‘party piece’ was to teach them all how to put someone into the recovery position. It was new for most of the adults whereas some of the kids had done I.M.P.S. or other first aid training.
Just shows how essential this training can be!”

What an incredible story and who would have known he’d need to use his new skills so soon?

Well done to everyone involved.