Why teach accident prevention?

A few statistics….

In Britain:

  • Accidents are the most common cause of death in young people.
  • On average 5 children die every week in accidents.
  • In every class of 30 children, two of these can expect to be injured in a road accident before their sixteenth birthday.
  • Every year around 10,000 children are permanently disabled as a result of accidents.
  • Accidents kill 3 children in every 100,000 each year – a similar rate to cancer.
  • 2 million children attend A&E each year due to accidents that may have been prevented.
  • More than 100 children and young people under the age of 15 attend A&E each day in the UK with a scald or burn injury.

Our educational programmes and resources aim to minimise the number of accidents that lead to death or disability.

I.M.P.S Story

David's story

On July 14th, 2008, I was cycling with my head down and “was going for it” when I crashed head on into a Scania truck that was parked up facing oncoming traffic on the road.


I hit the truck because I was not looking where I was going……..

I know that I usually can be doing around 25mph at that part of the road, and when I say I hit it, oh boy did I hit it!

Now I know where the saying “waking up with a crowd round you” came from. Luckily, an airport fire-fighter noticed me lying on the road, with my 2 month old very expensive carbon road bike close by.  He also was shocked to see other motorists avoiding my bike, and carrying on to work without stopping!  I can remember laying on the road, experiencing breathing problems, and my legs shaking uncontrollably.  The ambulance arrived very quickly and the paramedics carried out their checks, then requested another paramedic and doctor to attend the scene.  I remained on the road for 40 minutes, before being carefully placed on a backboard, and transported to the emergency department at a very slow speed.

In A & E I was treated by a Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedics.  He sent me  for X-rays and looking at them he said “You’re a miracle, if you had not have been wearing your helmet, you wouldn’t be here.  I have seen cyclists die from collisions a lot less severe than yours.   That helmet SAVED YOUR LIFE

I spent a lot of time with Doctors and Physiotherapists over the following weeks and they all came to the conclusion, that I did not break any bones because I didn’t tense up prior to the collision.  I hit the front of the truck like a slab of jelly being thrown at it.

I now visit local schools to tell my story and to encourage the children to always wear a cycle helmet.

You can read more about David’s story and mission to educate local Oxfordshire School children about the importance of wearing a cycle helmet here.

To request a school visit from David please contact him by email.

David took part in the Ride London Surrey Challenge 2015 in aid of Oxfordshire I.M.P.S.  



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