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Why teach accident prevention?

A few statistics….

In Britain:

  • Accidents are the most common cause of death in young people.
  • On average 5 children die every week in accidents.
  • In every class of 30 children, two of these can expect to be injured in a road accident before their sixteenth birthday.
  • Every year around 10,000 children are permanently disabled as a result of accidents.
  • Accidents kill 3 children in every 100,000 each year – a similar rate to cancer.
  • 2 million children attend A&E each year due to accidents that may have been prevented.
  • More than 100 children and young people under the age of 15 attend A&E each day in the UK with a scald or burn injury.

Our educational programmes and resources aim to minimise the number of accidents that lead to death or disability.

I.M.P.S Story

The recovery position story

The pupils from Long Furlong Primary School in Abingdon decided to teach the rest of the school how to put someone into the recovery position when they got back to school. You can read about their further adventures and listen to the interview at BBC Radio Oxford here

Here is proof that it really is very easy.