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I.M.P.S. boy helps his sister

In November, Hull I.M.P.S. received a letter from a teacher at one of the schools who had been on the programme.

‘Last year one of our Yr 6 pupils used his I.M.P.S. training in a  very positive way when his older sister experienced a seizure in the shower and fainted. Straight away he calmly ensured she was in the recovery position and rang for an ambulance!

The hospital staff and his family were delighted by his quick, sensible actions. Only for his school I.M.P.S. training, he would not have known what to do!

I just feel that all those wonderful people who do the I.M.P.S. primary school training need to know that their teaching/ learning does have a fruitful and indeed a positive impact. Please carry on with the excellent work.’