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Learn to use a defibrillator

We have all been shocked by the news that Danish footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed during a European Championship match recently.
He suffered a sudden cardiac arrest which means that his heart went into an arrhythmia and was unable to beat properly.
The immediate treatment for this is Cardiac Compressions (CPR) and the prompt use of a defibrillator (AED) .

Luckily for Mr Eriksen, he collapsed in a football stadium where they had medics and an AED on hand. The prompt use of the AED meant his heart could be ‘rebooted’ so that it began to beat in a normal rhythm again.

We all wish him a full recovery and we also want to remind everyone how important it is to learn these life saving skills.

The children from Oxfordshire learn how to deliver CPR and use an AED during their I.M.P.S. training – it is reassuring to know that we train over 5,000 potential life savers every year.

You can learn for yourself how simple it is to use an AED by watching this short film.*


*Due to covid restrictions,  it is currently recommended to only observe the person’s chest for signs of breathing and NOT put your face near to theirs.