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What we do

We provide injury prevention programmes for children which allow them to take responsibility for managing their own risk and equips them with the skills to cope in an emergency.

Unintentional injury is a leading cause of death and illness in young people. On average 2 million children attend A&E departments each year because of accidental injury and every week 5 children die. Many of these injuries were preventable. See why teach accident prevention?

Our educational programmes and resources aim to minimise the number of accidents that lead to death or disability. 

You can download more information about Oxfordshire I.M.P.S. 

Core I.M.P.S. Programme

I.M.P.S. is an injury prevention education programme delivered to 10 and 11-year olds jointly in the school and local hospital emergency departments.

I.M.P.S. empowers young people to take personal responsibility for their own risk management and equips them with the skills to cope in an emergency situation.

The programme equips children with first aid and resuscitation skills, helping them to respond effectively if an incident occurs.I.M.P.S. is divided into 3 elements:

  1. In school learning
  2. Hospital visit*
  3. I.M.P.S. follow up activities

* Currently all hospital visits have been suspended and will recommence when it is safe and appropriate. All teaching is now delivered directly into the school.

1. In school learning

Classroom resources are provided to every school enrolled on the programme. This includes lessons on injury prevention and taking safer risks linked to key stage 2 targets and guidelines of the national curriculum.  The resources can be downloaded from the schools platform area of  the website. Please contact us to request the log in details

Schools that are not in an I.M.P.S. area can access all on line resources by becoming an affiliated I.M.P.S. School.  

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2. Hospital visit

The programme is now being taught in school by I.M.P.S. trainers for the foreseeable future.

Each group of children visit the local accident and emergency hospital accompanied by their teacher and 3 other adult helpers from school. The visit includes:

  • A tour of the emergency department, which allows children to experience many of the concepts learnt in the classroom when applied to the real world.
  • A session using an interactive DVD where children are taught the principles of first aid and injury minimisation.
  • A session in which children are taught the principles of emergency life support including the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and how to put an unconscious casualty in the recovery position.
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3. Follow up activities

When the children return to school there are a number of lessons and activities to consolidate what they have learnt. Click on the links below:

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Taking part in the I.M.P.S. programme

I.M.P.S. runs in Oxfordshire and Hull only. For schools out of these areas, please consider our affiliated schools package. You can download further information here

Special needs schools

The majority of I.M.P.S. centres can provide a custom special needs programme and visit to suit the students needs. We find that in most cases, older special needs students benefit more from the programme and we can deliver a bespoke practical element to 15 & 16 year old students. 

Please contact your nearest I.M.P.S. centre to discuss your requirements.

Online resources

The I.M.P.S. online resources contain over 50 lessons on all aspects of injury prevention covering:

  • Personal safety
  • Home safety
  • Road safety
  • Sport and Leisure safety
  • Resuscitation science

A resource for students with special needs can also be downloaded  from the schools platform area of the website. 

Sample lessons

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