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What we do

I.M.P.S. Programme

The Injury Minimization Programme for Schools gives children the chance to make a difference.

We believe they should be given the opportunity to take personal responsibility for their own safety and that learning emergency life skills strengthens their confidence and self-esteem.

School and home life can shape a young person’s future and it is important they make healthy choices.

Choices for life involve taking risks and we believe that children should understand how to make risks safer by being aware of the consequences of their action.

I.M.P.S. gives children this choice with a four-part injury prevention education programme for 10- and 11-year-olds.

  1. Curricular linked work to identify, assess and manage risks within their day to day experiences.
  2. Learning emergency life skills within their school environment or during an I.M.P.S. visit to a local hospital setting.
  3. Follow up activities at school and at home.
  4. Evaluation of skills and knowledge are measured using an online quiz both pre and post intervention with I.M.P.S.

You can download more information about I.M.P.S below:

The I.M.P.S. programme is provided to primary and special needs schools in Oxfordshire. Schools out of county can enrol on to our affiliated schools programme. 

Special Needs Schools

Our special needs schools are offered an adapted session to suit the needs of the particular cohort.  Objectives for the session are set by the class teacher according to the class cohort’s needs.

Funding and donations

Donations may be made directly via our just giving page or by cheque made out to “Oxfordshire I.M.P.S. 0126”  Please contact the I.M.P.S. office for details of BACS transfer. 

Oxfordshire I.M.P.S. (Fund Number 0126)  is part of Oxford Hospitals Charity (Registered charity number 1175809)


Teacher’s comments

“The excellent I.M.P.S. trainers provide invaluable skills and knowledge for Year 6 children, to take with them into secondary skills and beyond. These skills could potentially save their life, or someone else’s.”

“A useful introduction to raise awareness of responding to a situation.”  

“The children engaged with confidence in trying CPR.”

“An exciting, engaging and informative visit. The staff were fantastic and presented the information in a way that every child could access. Our Y6 children have learnt important life-saving skills, and had fun at the same time.”

“The safety and first-aid knowledge that the children gain will stay with them for life.”