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A big shout out to Radley Primary School!

We are always pleased to receive feedback from our I.M.P.S. schools (and we are delighted to say that it is nearly always very positive). If we receive any comments that point out what didn’t go well or if we can improve our delivery in some way, we always take those comments very seriously.

Did you know that the trainers also give feedback about the schools? For every visit? 

These are two comments that really caught our eye from Claire and Lynnie recently.

“What a welcoming school.  The Year 6 teacher (Mr Mark W) was so full of life and happy to have us there, I’ve never met a teacher with so much enthusiasm, it was lovely.  We had the hall for the practical, then the class for the ED stuff.  We even got a hot drink and biscuits served on a tray.  Parking next to the school was great.  Both Lynnie and I would like to go there again!”

“Best welcome we have had from a very enthusiastic teacher. Made such an impression on us both. Very well looked after, lovely atmosphere in the school and lovely children!!”

Even better, Radley Primary mentioned the I.M.P.S. visit in their school newsletter – AND they encourage all children to wear cycle helmets!

A big shout out to Mr Mark W and Radley Primary School!