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Boy’s quick and effective action averted life changing skin grafts

We have recently received this email from one of our teachers.  Thanks to I.M.P.S. teaching children emergency life skills, this mother has been saved the anguish and pain of receiving life changing surgery on her face and neck. Notwithstanding the emotional cost that this would bring to herself, family and friends – think of the financial cost that this young mans quick thinking action has averted for the NHS. 

This is proof enough to us that taking part in I.M.P.S. is effective and it really does minimise injury. 

Thank you for the fantastic job you do, providing this training that is so important for our children at a time in their lives when they are becoming so much more independent.  Back in the summer, one of the mums at school told me about the quick-thinking actions of her son, who had taken part in IMPS during the previous school year.  When her face and neck were badly burnt by boiling hot honey that she had put in the microwave, it was her son who provided first aid.  He said at the time that he knew exactly what to do as a result of IMPS.  The staff at A & E said that it was his quick and effective action that meant she didn’t need skin grafts.