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Film premier comes to Summertown!

We have launched our new first aid film and it’s going down really well.

Last Easter, we spent the holidays with a great bunch of people from The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford Medical Illustration and Winchester University making the film which was partially funded by the RM Moss Charitable Trust and a Tesco Community Grant.

Abie from the North Wall and her young actors did a wonderful job in the scenarios and some of the actors (and Abie) are past I.M.P.S. students!
All schools that are booked onto I.M.P.S. will  be able to watch the film when our trainers come to teach a session.

We had a film premier at the North Wall Arts Centre and all the child and adult actors were able to attend. Amy led the audience through the film scenarios, and they manged to answer most of the questions correctly. The children all received a commemorative clapper board as a gift.