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Girl, 11, steps in to save mother

An 11-year old girl has been praised for using first aid to help her mother after she fell down the stairs during a fit.

Aroosah Khan, a year six pupil at St Francis School, Horsepath, Oxford, used skills she learned just two weeks earlier at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital, where she and classmates were being trained by IMPS – the Injury Minimization Programme for Schools scheme. Her mother Faheema, who has epilepsy, said without her daughter’s quick thinking her life could have been in danger. Aroosah was at her home when her mother said she felt a fit coming on.

Although her father told her to stay in bed, Mrs Khan got up to get a glass of water and tripped as she came down the stairs. Aroohsah said ‘I knew her oxygen was running out because she couldn’t breathe and she had a nasty lump on her head. I put her in the recovery position and called 999. She was taken to hospital and stayed a couple of days. The training I had with I.M.P.S. was was quite important for me and my mother now feels great’