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“I know what to do” says Will

We recently received this letter from one of the I.M.P.S. students in Hull and this is Wills story in his own words.

“Hello, It’s Will and I would like to tell you a story about when I had to call an ambulance. On Monday last week after school I went to the local skate park and there were two boys, one called Lucas and one called Christian. About half an hour later Christian fell off his scooter and cracked his head open on the concrete near his eye.  I told him not to move and to stay still.  I rang the ambulance and told them that we are at Ferriby skate park and they said if “he’s sick then turn him on his side so it doesn’t block his airway”.  I said “I’ve done the I.M.P.S. quiz and I know what to do.”
About 20 minutes later the ambulance came and took him to hospital.”

Well done to Will who was presented with a certificate from the I.M.P.S. team in Hull. You can read more of his story by following this link.
We are pleased to hear that Christian made a full recovery.