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I.M.P.S. girl helps mum

Hayley from Sonning Common Primary School, Oxfordshire sent us a letter explaining how she helped her mum after her I.M.P.S. visit to the John Radcliffe Hospital:

We were getting ready for my dad to come and pick us up to take us to the Henley Show as my mummy was not feeling well. Mum had changed my brothers nappy and bought him out of his room and when she put him down on the landing she felt funny. I asked her if she was ok and she said no and held on to the banister. She fell on the floor and looked like she was asleep. I tried to wake her, calling her and asking her to wake up. I remembered what I was taught on the I.M.P.S. training I went to with my primary school and managed to put mummy in the recover position.

I told my brother to stay with mum and ran to get the phone and called my Dad. He told me he was at the top of the road and to stay with my mum until he got there.

When my Dad arrived he told me to take my brother down stairs and keep him busy while he sorted things out. He called the ambulance and my mum was taken to hospital. I was frightened and upset but my next door neighbour looked after us until our dad came home.

My mummy is getting better but she is still not too well, I am happy that I helped my mum. She told me she is very proud of me for helping her and not getting too upset and frightening my brother, he is only 2 ½. My mum has spoken to the school and requested they continue with the I.M.P.S. training for all year 6 pupils as basic first aid skills are very good to know.