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Long Furlong School on the air

Long Furlong school have really been in the news recently.

It all started with a normal  I.M.P.S. visit to Abingdon Community Hospital for Mrs Foster’s year 6 class.  

The children learnt emergency life skills including how to put someone in the recovery position. Then, back at school, year 6 decided to teach the rest of the school how to do the recovery position.

During assembly Abbie and Ellie demonstrated the recovery position and this was then shared on twitter. Click here to take a peak.  @oxfordimps1 retweeted it and BBC radio Oxford picked up the story.

The next thing to happen was a radio interview on the Radio Oxford Kat Orman show!  You can see some photos of the girls in the studio here  and listen to the interview by clicking the link below.

Well done to the girls and Mrs Taylor – you sounded like real professionals and we hope that when the girls leave school they think about becoming I.M.P.S. trainers.

Knowing how and when to do the recovery position is an essential skill that everyone should know and it just goes to show that it is really easy to learn!