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My Emergency 999 Call

It was a late Saturday night and I was visiting my nanny and grandad at their home in Norfolk. I was getting ready for bed when suddenly my nanny ran quickly into her conservatory.

After about five minutes she hadn’t returned to the living room where my sister Kayleigh, my grandad and I were. So my grandad asked me to go and check on her because he is suffering from cancer and can’t walk. I then found my nanny on her chair. I decided to use my knowledge that I learnt on our I.M.P.S. trip and carried out the DRSABC.

I realised she was unconscious but still breathing. I immediately went and phoned for an ambulance. I told them that I needed an ambulance, my nanny was lying on a chair unconscious but breathing and my granddad couldn’t help. They said they would send an ambulance out as soon as possible and to turn on most of the downstairs lights, to make it easier for the paramedics to find us. My sister phoned my mum and dad to tell them. They came to Norfolk from Carterton. Nanny was taken to hospital. We were eventually told that she had high blood pressure.