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New look for I.M.P.S. quiz

For many years I.M.P.S. has been evaluating the children’s skills and knowledge pre and post intervention with I.M.P.S. We do this with an online quiz which tests what the children know before and after their visit to I.M.P.S. 

We have found that their knowledge increases by an average of 15% following the I.M.P.S. visit.  This is a really positive result for us to show the effectiveness of I.M.P.S. We have evidence that this knowledge is retained for at least 6 months afterwards. One of the I.M.P.S. children said, ‘When I first did the quiz I got a very low score. Since the trip though, I got 100%!’

We have just given the quiz a fresh new look and if you want to have a go just for fun you can access it here.