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Very helpful

I have found the IMPS trip very helpful and now I know what to do when someone is unconscious. DRSABC is very helpful to know because now I know how to save someone’s life.I hope that I can visit IMPS again. We are really pleased that you found the I.M.P.S. visit helpful. 

We loved it

We loved it!! We have done sooo much! We have learnt how to save people lives and how to keep our selves safe. Our favourite part was getting the finger casts and watching the video ! Thank you sooooo much ???????? Thank you.  We hope you remember about taking safer risks all through your lives.

teaching me lots of important skills

Thank you to I.M.P.S for teaching me lots of important skills because today I burnt myself and thanks to I.M.P.S I knew what to do. ???? Well done you. We hope that your burn wasn’t too serious.  Remember to put a burn under cold running water for at least 10 minutes.

I had the opportunity

hello IMPS, I WAS HAPPY in 2015 i had the opportunity to learn CPR and Drs ABC. even though, i am not a teacher i would like if you allow and make a trip for my school(year 3 and year 5) to go and enjoy and learm how to be safe in the house and […]