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Feedback: questions

Can someone who is not very strong still perform CPR properly?

Can someone is not very strong still perform CPR properly? Thank you for this really good question. The answer is yes you can deliver CPR if you are not very strong because most of the power comes from your core. You keep your elbows locked and straight and “rock” down by flexing your hips and […]

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Questions from Stonesfield School

We have received some fantastic letters from pupils at Stonesfield school and all of them asked us  a question. Here are the answers. Q. Why did you start I.M.P.S? I.M.P.S. began way back in 1995 because the government of the day wanted to reduce the number of accidents in children under the age of 15 […]


How does an AED work?

Hello IMPS i just wondered how do A Ed’s actually give an electric shock. I think i know does it come by the box where the instructions come from and where the buttons are to start the A ED Great question!  The AED is powered by strong batteries and when you press the flashing orange […]


What do I do?

What do i do when someone is unconsious but I don’t know if they’re breathing or not? That’ s a very good question. You need to check if the person is breathing by opening their airway, and then looking for signs of breathing – is their chest rising and falling? Listening to hear sounds of breathing […]