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Feedback: Using IMPS skills

We loved it

We loved it!! We have done sooo much! We have learnt how to save people lives and how to keep our selves safe. Our favourite part was getting the finger casts and watching the video ! Thank you sooooo much ???????? Thank you.  We hope you remember about taking safer risks all through your lives.

understanding Using IMPS skills change in safety behaviour

teaching me lots of important skills

Thank you to I.M.P.S for teaching me lots of important skills because today I burnt myself and thanks to I.M.P.S I knew what to do. ???? Well done you. We hope that your burn wasn’t too serious.  Remember to put a burn under cold running water for at least 10 minutes.

Using IMPS skills change in safety behaviour

I told my mum what to do

I got 20/23 on the first half then I realized a few days later a man was choking and I told my mum what to do. Well done  for putting your I.M.P.S skills into use. We hope the man recovered well after this incident. 

quiz Using IMPS skills

I’m confident

I enjoyed everything the I.M.P.S team taught us, now I’m confident about how to help someone if they are unconscious. Also how to put someone in recovery position. We are so pleased that you are feeling confident about helping someone. Let us know if you have to put your skills into action in the future.

confident learning understanding recovery position Using IMPS skills

I was cooking pancakes

I was cooking pancakes and I went to flip it and I dropped the frying pan and then I went to grab the handle but instead i hit the metal and burnt my hand; my nan put my hand under the cold water for 10 minutes We are very pleased that your nan did just […]

Using IMPS skills